Posted: December 23, 2011 by @agazetademordor in Canadian Post Rock, Instrumental, Post-rock

Post-rock canadense, puro-sangue e refinado. Download direto do Sirens Sound

Reverie – 2010


01. I’m Sorry, I’m Lost
02. R.I.O.T.
03. Waiting to Wake Up
04. The Narrator (Interlude 1)
05. The Strangers We Are Becoming
06. Unexpected Gift, Unexpected Time
07. The Spectator (Interlude 2)
08. Fragments of What Was Said
09. Never Was and Never Will Be


Anything That Comes to Mind – 2008


1 The Beginning of Anything 5:08
2 Fear of Heights 4:46
3 Reunion 7:28
4 What’s Mine Is Yours 5:19
5 Always and Uncomfortable Silence
6 Nostradamus 7:04
7 This Is Not Where We Are Supposed to Be 5:13

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