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Long Distance Calling – Avoid the Light (2009)

Posted: January 26, 2011 by @agazetademordor in Experimental, Post-rock

Post rock (!?) da Alemanha. Do Sirens Sound:

“Should we call it post rock? Or perhaps new art rock? The label is irrelevant, it’s the content that matters.”

“Their second album, Avoid The Light, will be out on 24 April 2009 on Superball Music and promises everything you find yourself looking for without avail in most contemporary bands: an immediate coexistence of depth and exaltation, melancholia and joie de vivre, great gestures and small peculiarities. And somehow there’s so much more to discover in Long Distance Calling’s music: Avoid The Light opens a big gate which you step through to find a great diversity of moods and atmospheres. The basics consist of instrumental guitar rock with an ambient flavour, an oscillation of psychedelic and progressive rock elements. At the same time, Avoid The Light is an album which requires few words to communicate a lot.”


01 – Apparitions
02 – Black Paper Planes
03 – 359
04 – I Know You Stanley Milgram
05 – The Nearing Grave (ft. Jonas Renkse from Katatonia)
06 – Sundown Highway



Hiromistu Agatsuma – Beyond

Posted: January 16, 2011 by @agazetademordor in Uncategorized

Shamisen by Agatsuma.



01.  Dawnlight (Akatsuki no Hikari)
02.  A Paper in the Air (Kimi no Mai)
03.  An End of Sorrow (Kanashimi no Hate)
04.  Heartbeat (Kodo)
05.  Tears
06.  Shami s Groove
07.  Baetnorae / Tsugaru Yosare Bushi
08.  In the Sky
09.  Panther
10.  Thought of You (Kimi e no Omoi)

Balmorhea – Constellations (2010)

Posted: January 4, 2011 by @agazetademordor in Instrumental, Minimalist

Discaço do Balmorhea (Bal-moor-ay). A Gazeta tava devendo um disco dos minimalistas do Texas.



1. To The Order Of Night
2. Bowsprit (Youtube)
3. Winter Circle
4. Herons
5. Constellations
6. Steerage And The Lamp
7. Night Squall
8. On The Weight Of Night
9. Palestrina

Cartolas – Quase Certeza Absoluta (2010)

Posted: January 4, 2011 by @agazetademordor in Brasil, Indie

Indie nacional. Se a banda nao reclamar, o album ta ai:



01. Falta de Desconsideração
02. Partido em Franja
03. Pingo de Decência
04. Quanta Besteira
05. Falsidade Ideológica
06. O Divórcio
07. Retardado Sentimental
08. Meu Bem e o Assovio
09. Uma Consulta por Mês
10. Pois é!
11. Janela Errada
12. Prato Principal
13. Onde Anda o Rock em Rol?