Marcus Fjellström – Schattenspieler (2010)

Posted: October 29, 2010 by @agazetademordor in Dark Ambient, Experimental

Fjellstron é sueco e esse o seu álbum de estreia. Com tanta mulher gata naquele lugar, é dificil imaginar como ainda da pra fazer dark ambient com essa intensidade. Well, sorte nossa.

Trecho da resenha do Sillent Ballet:

“When considering Schattenspieler (“Shadow Player”) as a whole, one can instantly recognize the amount of effort put into its creation, as well as Fjellström’s talent as a composer. The songs on the album may seem at first to be a scattering of pieces with no particular musical theme, but as the album unfolds, a wordless story begins to emerge. Broken cellos and violins are layered over a sea of ever changing drones and crackled synths.”

-Mohammed Ashraf

O site da gravadora Miasmah recordings, que lança Fjelstrom, vale a visita.



01 The Disjointed
02 Bis Einer Weint
03 Antichrist Architecture Management
04 Untitled 090616
05 Tremolous
06  Monolith & Bunker
07 Noir Revisited
08 Perspex
09 Liquid Fire
10 Tenebrous
11 Uncanny Valleys

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