Don’t Look Back – Brighter (2005)

Posted: October 17, 2010 by @agazetademordor in Experimental, Post-rock

França. Impossível parar de ouvir esse disco. Fala aí, Jordan Volz:

“Taking a multifaceted approach to the post-rock genere, Don’t Look Back combines audio samples with gut-wrenching screams and slams it on top of a post-rock instrumentation that quickly drops from angelic, quiet sounds to blistering metallic riffs. Brighter leaves the listener with the punched-in-the-stomach feeling that begs for more. This may or may not be the beginning of a movement for French instrumental bands, but in any case Don’t Look Back has shown that they are a band to be taken seriously.” – Jordan Volz, Silent Ballet

Youtube (Dark Mobson)

Youtube (Kids Got Shadows in their Eyes)


01. Six feet under the ground
02. Remove all trace
03. Joyrider
04. Nothing just happens
05. Farewell to the bright side
06. All day long
07. Dark mobson
08. 1887/d-i-y-a
09. Kids got shadows in their eyes
10. Ask the dust

  1. Nina says:


    Mandou super-híper-mega-ultra-maxi-power bem, gazeteiro! .)

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