té – If That Is What Is Being Thought…(2005)

Posted: October 10, 2010 by @agazetademordor in Instrumental, Math Rock, Post-rock

“If That Is What Is Being Thought, Liberated Sound Talks The Depth Of ‘Musical’ World” é o nome completo do disco dos Japoneses do té. Peças com guitarras intensas, bateria poderosa e títulos enormes. Um trecho da resenha do The Silent Ballet:

“Oh well… Japan’s Te’ are just another example of how those Asians just to love to take influences from the West and make us feel bad by doing it better”



01. It must be called “Intelligence” if people stop when they realize they are not able to become what they are wishing to be.
02. A Thought Would Never Let People “Watch” What They Choose. Instead, It Let Them See What They Hope to See.
03. Anxiety Is Not About The Issue. It Is Actually About People’s “Mind” Related to the Issue That They Are Afraid Of.
04. Avarice Would Speak With Every Word, It “Acts” Every Part And It Even Pretends to Be Not Avaricious.
05. A Real “Imitation” Is the Imitation That Let People See Ridiculousness of Boring Original One.
06. It Is Supposed to Be “Ordinary” That Imagination Moves Much Faster And More Freely Than Bright Light in the Darkness.
07. “Existence” of Eloquence Is Only in a Look Of People’s Face That Remain Silence, And It Even Beats Any Kind Of Words.
08. Anger Kills All the Idiots, And Envy Would Torture Foolish People And All the “Instants” Being Involved.
09. We Promise With a View to Hope, But the Reason to “Accomplish” What We Promised Would Be Fear.

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